Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Tough Being 4

My poor bubby had to get his four year shots today. There wasn't just one, or two, or even three. There were FOUR and yep, one at a time. Nate and I did tell him that we were going to the doctor's today and that he was going to get shots and that it would hurt but only for a second, but unfortunately I don't think anything can prepare a four year old for stinking shots. I held Kaden during the shots, but Nate said that he gave the nurse who was giving the shots a look that said he will never like her again. Afterwards nothing made him happy except leaving and going home. Even then when we got home I put in his favorite cartoons and he sat in the chair for about an hour and a half without much reaction to his cartoons, which normally would cause a ton of laughter and screeching throughout them. He was not a happy camper. Once he got over being upset he then was very willing to show everyone his "ouchies."

The nurse told us "the good news" that he should not need another shot until he is 11unless things change. Unfortunately for Kaden he still gets the flu shot every year and actually this weekend or week sometime I am suppose to take him back to get blood drawn. I hate being poked let alone taking my baby to get poked. Anyone else want to take him for me ; ).

Off subject: I just wanted to mention how much I HATE potty training. Things are starting to go downhill. Any suggestions??? I don't think he realizes when he needs to go, he does know afterwards though.


Anonymous said...

I tried numerous things with Aiden. A sticker chart, Kandoo, has one online you can print off, where you put stickers for using the potty, wiping and washing your hands. It worked when we first started. Also for the BM's we got a box and put little toys in it, like cars or men, and when he did that he got a surprise out of the box. Some idea's for you. Good luck.

Melissa Sions

CrackerJacks said...

Izzy would do the same thing in the beginning. Every time she said she needed to pee was AFTER the fact that she had just gone. I skipped pull ups and/or training pants when I wanted to get serious about it. I put her in panties and went from there. The training pants are pretty much a diaper and when we first tried them I don't think she felt any different for that very reason.

We are doing great and it only took about a week. I think the thing that finally put her over the edge was instead of some silly stickers, we gave her money. We put a piggy bank in the bathroom and each time she brushed her teeth, washed her hands and went pee, she got money to put in her bank. It worked!

Good Luck!

My Three Sons said...

I'm so not looking forward to this. Coltan and Cody were so easy and I hope Carson follows in those tracks. I have read that if they don't seem interested, you should hold off for a week or so and then try again. I know that doesn't sound like great news but I'm only reporting what I read :-).
Carson had to go last Monday and get his Pnunomia shot so tell Kaden that he has a a member to join him in the support group for the shot club.

Hope all is going well and I can't wait until Sept 5th. It's getting sooooo close. I'm holding out for a boy so I can give you all of Carson's clothes. Hope you have a great weekend.


I just sneaked over here for a second, now I'm back to finishing my Enlish assignment on-lin at 2:00AM.

Anonymous said...

Don't stress about the potty training. When Kaden is ready he will do it and it will probably happen in less than a week. I don't think you can "push" this issue. But, I know how you feel. 4 year old poopie diapers are disgusting. My son luckily potty trained around 3 but i was so ready to be done changing those adult size poopies!

stephaie, colorado

BiLlY, sAm, AnD bOyS!!! said...

hey- we are going private ! so leave me a comment with your email so I can add you!

i love reading about kaden and your family!

Rachel said...

Just keep trying and he WILL go on his own time. Boys are Much harder to potty train than girls are.

Don't give up. Just be very consistant and he WILL start picking it up.

I had one of my sons that took forever and we still had poopie accidents here and there until age 5.

Boys do things differently and I know that Kaden will get it!

Good Luck...and always thinking of you guys.

The Bryant Family said...

I have no suggestions as I am at a loss on what or how or when to start with tucker. He now knows when he is pooping, as he will sign potty and then grunt (cute huh) but we have yet to start the sit down thing. hunter was easy breezy and was 11 years ago so i dont remember how i did anything with her as my memory is GONE. I do wish you luck and hope it gets easier...I will need some pointers soon myself.
Shots stink but blood is the worst I think. I am sure if Tuck could talk he would tell us the same thing. Blood taking stinks!!!! hang in there....we are always thinking of you. I am glad you are feeling a little better. :)

Lisa said...

Check the almanac, it worked for me with my little boy. It was really amazing. It'll happen! I agree with skipping the pull ups if you're using them, they didn't work for me either. Good Luck!

Amie said...

I am having the same problem trying to potty train Kaybri. My in-laws suggested that maybe she has had enough stress in her life with the loss of Brody in May and to let her wait a while until she is ready. One major change at a time. But when he is ready, some ideas are- dishsoap in the toilet (to make bubbles as he goes), cheerios (for targets) and blue cleaning tablets (to turn the water green after he goes). Just some ideas. Hope it helps.

Oh! And when you find out what works best, pass it along to me, will ya?! :)

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

I am at a loss on suggestions at potty training. Ava was really easy (lucky me). I have heard that using a timer is good though. You set it and then he goes to the restroom everytime it goes off. It worked for one of my clients. She started with 30 minutes and then just worked her way up until he was wanting to go before the timer went off. She got it up to about 2 hours before he started telling her it was time to go. I'll try to get some more specifics from her and then let you know. Hope all is well...Loves