Sunday, August 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Life just keeps getting busier and busier. Friday Kaden had a doctor's appt. at Children's Mercy. The doctor was very impressed with Kaden. She hasn't seen him in a few months so she hasn't seem him walk on his own or come of the vent for a longer period of time. She seemed to be very pleased with Kaden's progress. She turned the breath rate totally off on his vent and turned his pressure support down. So now he is taking all of the breaths on his own. Kaden in her first home vent patient...she also took care of him when he was in the NICU. She wanted to bring him up to the NICU to show him off to the physicians and others who might know him up there. Kaden lived up to the "showing off" part of it. He stayed off of the vent on our way up and even while we were up there part of the time. He wanted the vent back when he was trying to show everyone how he can say Elmo. He can't make much noise when he is off of the vent. We saw one of the nurse practioners that use to work with Kaden. He began to walk to her and then shook his head no and turned to walk to daddy. It made her cry...which almost made me cry.

After that we went to Nate's hometown to Kaden's cousin's birthday party. Poor guy, we have been talking about his own birthday coming up and then he had to watch someone else open presents. I don't think he quite understood that : ).

We have been cracking down on the potty training. I decided to make a potty chart for Kaden hoping that will peek his interest in using the potty. Everytime he pees in the potty he gets one sticker and for everytime he poops (such a lovely word) he gets two. We gave him a goal of 10 stickers for the first week and if he accomplished that he would get to get a new book. The first week he got 18 and that is minus Friday because we were away from home all day and I am not ready to put him on the potty at the hospital. I actually was thinking that I am going to have to buy a traveling potty seat to put on public toilets and lots of clorox wipes. That part really scares me...GERMS, ugh. I am really proud of him. He doesn't really ask to go (he did once for me) but he does say yes most of the time when we ask him if he needs to. He is getting so big!!!

As for me and the baby...well, we are hanging in there. I still get sick, but not as often. I can NOT handle smells. I had to have Nate brown hamburger for me tonight because I started dry heaving (nice, I know). I haven't had a doctor's appt yet believe it or not. I saw the nurse practioner but that was to talk about past history, I am very frustrated with the whole thing. I am now in my second trimester, which is amazing to me. It is going by so fast. That is my life right now...potty training and dry heaving!!!


Jenna said...

AHH!! Kaden is really walking now. That is so awesome!! I was glad to hear about the appt too. He is doing so wonderful! I miss you guys. Your always in my prayers. I love you! PS. Happy early birthday Kaden!

Caden said...

Awww, it sounds like he had a great visit all the way around! Good job on the potty too! Caden's nowhere close to potty training, but he knows what poopy is, so that's good. I guess. :) I said something to Paul yesterday about how maybe he'll start associating the two and go to the bathroom when he "feels the need" to go #2. I guess Caden heard me say that, because he walked to the bathroom and stood at the door. Come to find out, he had just pooped in his diaper. :) I was proud anyway. :)

I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you all. Hopefully you'll start to feel better now that you're out of the first trimester. I'm feeling a LOT better now, and I'm not nearly as tired anymore. I'm starting to pooch out quite a bit, but I still think I look like I just ate too much. :(


CrackerJacks said...

It's got to be something special when Kaden shows off his stuff to so many nurses and such. I am glad the appointment went well. Congrats to Kaden for being off the vent and having the settings lowered!! Yeah!

It's good to know you are feeling better. I really can't beleive you are in the second trimester. Why haven't you been to the doc yet? You need to go! And I am not sure if I missed it or not, but when are you due?

Thanks for visiting the other day and I hope you came back to vote for my summer entry to the photo contest. Thanks so much!!

Isabella said...

I bet Dr. Gratny was floored by Kaden's progress!! Way to go with the potty training.
I can't believe you are in your second trimester. It seems just like yesterday you called me with the news!!
Thinking of you guys always

Pam said...

OMG AMY!!!! I just got caught up on your blog, and I am so excited to find that you are having a baby!!

You are always in our thoughts and prayers, and I just know that things are going to go well.

Sending lots of loves to you guys.

Pam and Rhett

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the potty training Kaden. As for having to watch his cousing open presents, he should have just gotten in there with Megan and let her know that he wanted to help, I am sure she would not have minded at all. Hope everyone had fun swimming. Megan has some cute pictures from her party and we will have to share them with everyone.
Take care and give Kaden hugs and kisses from us.
Love - Pamela and Megan