Thursday, August 14, 2008

I just received a heartbreaking phone call from a mom I met at the Ronald McDonald House when we were up there with Ava. They actually live in the same town as us, not too far from our house. Well, her little girl was sent home with a trach and vent (like Kaden). She just passed away about an hour ago. Please send prayers their way.

I know how much all of your supportive and encouraging words have helped us during our loss and I really want her to be able to feel that support. However, she does not have a blog, but...I was thinking if you all wanted to help you could e-mail me a message for her or even mail me a card for her and I will get them to her. My e-mail is

We are thinking and praying for you family. If you need anything, please, please, please call me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Amy. We all needed that comfort tonight. I will pass this on to her Mom and make sure that she reads this. I can't believe she's gone...but yet she still lingers here. I'm sitting in her room tonight as I write this. I've been here with the family all evening...they've adopted me as part of their family too. We will ALL surely miss her. She was SUCH a joy to take care of. Thank you for your kind words.
Give Kaden a hug for me, too, and tell that BIG boy Happy Birthday for me!
Thanks again....

Amie said...

As many of us have learned through personal experience, losing a child is possibly the most devastating thing that can happen to you. My thoughts and prayers are with the family!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of, and praying for your friends as they say goodbye to their precious child.

My Three Sons said...

My heart goes out to your friends little one. I hope that in time, the family will be able to heal. I know that their pain will never go away but at best lessen.


My Three Sons said...


I also wanted to check in on you as well. Hope all is well with you. Tell Kaden Happy Belated Birthday from our family. I hope he got everything he wanted and more. How is the little one? Are you still feeling sick or has it subsided? Thinking of you and your family.

Love Kaci