Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We Are Home

We were able to go home last night. We got in at about 9:15. Boy, was Kaden excited and very eager to sleep in his own bed (well, our bed). The doctors/surgeons could not determine if his patch was popped for sure or not. Basically we were told, even if it was popped they don't know for sure right now what steps they will take to fix it because he has been through so many different procedures to correct it already. So, since he was able to handle one of his feedings they let us go home. The doctors also stated that they think that he could have had a slight bowel obstruction. If that was the case, since he is tolerating his feedings it seems to have correct itself. Kaden did so well at the hospital. He was more trusting this time, well, until they needed to put in an IV.
I think this was one of my most frustrating stays at the hospital. It started with the almost 8 hour wait in the ER before moving into the PICU. Then we had all new doctors and surgeons to deal with who did not know Kaden at all. The most frustrating of all was them not being able to tell us whether his patch was popped or not. Nate and I felt like they thought that it was but did not want to believe ot for the fact that they did not know how to correct it. We were up there for 3 days with no answers and a little boy who seem to be in good spirits that was stuck in his room in the PICU. I just pray that we don't have to go back anytime soon and that the patch is still intact. Kaden seems to be doing well and right now we are about to put on his costume and go trick or treating!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nathan,Amyn and Kaden,
I am so glad to hear that you are home and feeling better. I hope that for Kaden's sake, he did just have a small obstruction of the bowel. Although that is not fun, and sometimes can create a need for surgery also, he is feeling better for now. I bet he was excited to go trick or treating. I know the kids will ask, What was his costume?
On another note, does it not really just *$&% you off when you know that the dr's know or think something and will not tell you. Like you can't handle it. I think the two of you could handle just about anything. You both seem so strong, and seem to know what to ask to get answers. Hang in there and give Kaden XO's from all of us.
Michael, Amy, and the gang

Isabella said...

I am so glad you got to go home. What a relief. I know it stinks being in the PICU and it is tough when they can't tell you what is wrong or how to fix it. They have never really done anything for Isabella they have just kept her going long enough to get big enough to grow into her really big heart. It is all a guessing game and the scary part is, is that these are the best of the best and they still can't tell us what is wrong with our kids!!! Keep the faith. Always praying!!! Megan