Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Nate and I celebrated our first anniversary on Sunday. It's amazing how time flies. We have been together for quite sometime now, but have gone through somethings other couples never have to face. As Nate has told me before, if we can get through this (meaning Kaden's complications at birth plus his long stay at CMH) we will get through anything. Well, we took out the year old frozen wedding cake and let it thaw. Believe it or not...it was still really good. We didn't do the whole smash the cake in the face at the wedding (good boy Nate) however, I took it upon myself to go ahead and do it Sunday. Unfortunately, in return I got a nose filled with cake. Oh well, it was fun. On Friday, we went out to dinner and a movie. It might not sound like much, but we do not get a chance to hang out with just the two of us very often. We had a blast!!! Kaden got to stay at grandma's and grandpa's house. I am sure he had fun, he had a sleepover with his cousin Miles.

Kaden is not going to school at all this week. Monday was a holiday and I guess the school decided to put some new flooring in and work on the sewer or something, so come Tuesday the school was not ready to open. Today I received a call from Kaden's teacher saying that the nurse felt as though Kaden shouldn't come to school until next week because of all the dust and things in the school right now. I agree and I am so glad that she thought of something so small. He will miss it, but when he goes back next week he will be the "Star of the week."

I talked to Kaden's doctor at CMH about Ava. She said that things didn't sound good. She is going to try and make an appt for us with the genetic doctors there since they know some about Kaden's past and have his records to go by. I am very anxious to find out more. It is so nerve racking. Lately Nate and I have been discussing what we will do if it is said that we can't have anymore babies. Adoption comes up a lot. We talk about all of the possibilites though and how we think we might feel about each of them. It is so weird how different your life can turn out than what you planned. Growing up all I imagined for myself was to get married, have two or three children and live care free. You never think of hospital stays, feeding tubes, and home nursing. I am so thankful for Kaden and all that he has taught me. There is a saying that I love and it goes...."While you try to teach your children all about life, your children teach you what life is all about." (author unknown) He has given me an opportunity to experience unconditional love and to live a life that I would never think I could handle. He has shown me my strength and given me even more. He is an absolute blessing and (as said before) I am truly thankful God put His trust into Nate and I and let us take care of one of His miracles. I absolutely adore Kaden and could not imagine my life anymore blessed....and then comes Ava!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. I can't believe it has been a year either. I believe that Kaden definetly has made both you and Nate stronger and your relationship aswell. It was said to me alot when we lost Mariah that God doesn't give you more than you can handle and I believe that to be true. He pics out the special babies for special parents and for little Ava, he knew you could handle it because of what you went through with Kaden and may be he couldn't find anyone else for Ava. Just goes to show that the two of you are great parents. I admire you. I am pretty sure that I would not handle it as well as you. Hugs and kisses to Kaden. We pray for your family each and every day. Let us know if we can help.
Michael, Amy, Madison, Dylan, & Syd

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it has been a year, but then you probably look at Kaden and can't believe it has been three. I believe in miracles!!My prayers are with you always and I am excited to see you next week!Give Kaden (and rub your belly ofr Ava:) lots of lovin's from all of us we love you all mucho!!! xoxo
Whitney, Koltan and Treytan

Anonymous said...

Amy, Nathan, Kaden, and baby Ava:

Happy Anniversary to you both. How time flys by us all whether were looking or not. You are in our prayers and thoughts every day. Hopefully the Drs. can give you some good news with Ava. God loves us all and you know he would never give or hand us something that he did not know that we could handle by ourselves or from assistance of family and loved ones. Bless you all and keep your head and spirits high. Lots of hugs and kisses go out to Kaden. When he does go back to school - watch out that new girl will be missing him and they will be fighting over him.
Pamela and Megan

Isabella said...

Well, first off Happy Anniversary!!! I know what you mean. I always thought I would get married and have lots of babies and life would be great. You never expect to have a special need child. And you always think, that would never happen to me. However it is just like the poem "Welcome to Holland" It is a different joy but it is a joy none the less to love and care for children like Kaden, Ava and my Bella. They do teach you more about loving and about life than you ever thought you would know. And it is amazing to see the amount of lives our children have touched. You know I am always praying!!

Isabella said...
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Isabella said...

Sorry I deleted the first comment. Anyways I wanted to thank you for your words of encouragement and your prayers. They mean a lot to me. Isabella does have reflux and takes medicine for it, but she also has slow GI motility. It is just frustrating and scary!!!
Still praying for you