Monday, October 29, 2007

A Quick Update

This won't be long, but I just wanted to update everybody. Yesterday morning I took Kaden to the ER. They believed that he popped his patch on his diaghram again so we headed down to Children's Mercy. They have kept him overnight and plan on keeping him another night. The doctors can not determine if his patch is popped for sure. They have done x-rays and then a CT scan today and still no answer. They want to observed him again tonight and I guess determine if he can go home tomorrow. Poor guy, he was doing pretty well trusting the nurses and everything...then they had to put in an IV. I hate having to bring him up here, not because of the nurses or anything, I guess just because of the things that come with being at the hospital. Well, I will try to keep you all updated. Please continue your prayers for Kaden. Hopefully everything is great with his patch and he won't have to go through another surgery. Thank you all again for the thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hello Amy:

Dad told me yesterday about Kaden. It breaks my heart everytime I hear that he may have to go back under the knife for something. I am praying that he does not have to have surgery again. Let's just hope that it is just a minor little set back. Glad to hear that he is progressing and doing so well at school. Hopefully, he will be well enough to do a little trick or treating. I know you have a costume picked out for him. I am sending some candy for him and do not let Nathan eat it all. Look forward to seeing you all again soon. A few of us have had little head colds and others so it will be a little while before we come to visit again since need to make certain everyone is healthy. Praying for Kaden and Ava everyday and for you and Nathan to keep you sanity. Give Kaden a hug and kiss for us and have him give Ava a hug and kiss for us also.
Love Always,
Pamela and Megan

Isabella said...

I am sooo sorry to hear that Kaden is in the hospital. I am praying!!! Hopefully you will get to go home really soon. Matt and I will be at CMH next Wed if you are still there. I hope and pray you are not though. Our thoughts and prayers are with you