Friday, October 19, 2007

Things to think about

Nate and I have been wondering how easy it is for someone to be diagnoised as autistic. After talking to Kaden's doctor, it put question in our minds. To me, Kaden has some similarities to other children I have been around with autism, but some of the things the behavioral specialist checked off has made us wonder if him responding or acting the way he does to somethings isn't just because of everything he has been through and how his life has been so far. As Kaden's doctor said, you can't check blood or chromosomes for a diagnois, it's just basically a checklist that diagnois these children. She also stated that being with Kaden since birth, she has seen him progressing in such an amazing way, which I guess is not common with children who are autistic because they seem to regress. The way I see it, he has been diagnoised with autism, he may not be for sure but not knowing 100% that he isn't, I feel we have to approach it as if he was.

On a light note, Kaden has been cuddling with mommy's belly (and baby Ava) lately. Yesterday, he had his elbow on my belly with his head in his hand and she just began kicking his elbow. He either didn't feel it or just didn't care because he didn't move at all. Tonight when getting him ready for bed we did his ritual. We read a book, prayed, and then gave mommy and daddy kisses. Well, tonight he was so eager to give his baby sister a kiss, via mommy's belly and just began to rub his hand over mommy's belly. After his kiss, little Ava began moving like crazy. I think she already loves her big brother (who wouldn't)!!!!! I am excited to see Kaden with her. I think he will be a great big brother (at least I hope). Well, good night and thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. It is really reassuring knowing that Kaden and Ava have a lot of people praying for them.


Isabella said...

Have you thought about getting a second opinion? It just seems like that was a really quick diagnosis. I would think they would want to interact with him more than one time to diagnose. No matter what though I know you are a great mom and Kaden has the best environment for learning!!! Ava and Kaden are soooo lucky.
Take Care and we are always praying

Gabi's Mommy said...

That is so sweet to hear that Kaden is so loving towards his little sister. And those moves when he is loving on her reminds me so much of when I was pregnant with Gabi...she moved like crazy everytime Gracie would even be talking. Gabi knew instantly that her big sis would be the best. Gracie loved every movement:) Enjoy those sweet moments, someday you can tell them both how quickly they bonded:) Our prayers are always with you...hugs to all!!!
Sweet Dreams to you and your babies:)