Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Preparing for Kaden's appt.

Kaden has an doctor appt tomorrow. I am kind of nervous...not too much because of the appt. but because I will probably be taking him by myself. I have not yet done this on my own. I am kind of scared driving with him for two hours and trying to keep him happy let alone there is a flash flood watch for KC tomorrow. I am sure with the rain and the traffic my blood pressure will be through the roof. Then being pregnant and carrying all of his equipment by myself and lifting him...I am sure I will be a little stressed. Nate is suppose to be trying to get off early so he can make it to the appt. Right now I guess the police dept. is short on manpower. I am still praying that he will make it though.
Tomorrow he will be going to the special care clinic and then they will be doing a behavioral study. I will let everyone know how things turn out. I have been trying to update Kaden's pictures. I hope you all enjoy!!! Please pray for us to have a safe trip tomorrow : ). Good night.

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