Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

As of Friday night, Brody has learned how to roll onto his belly. Does he like it there,, not really. He doesn't mind tummy time as long as we keep it short and sweet. Now that he has figured out how to roll onto his belly, he does it constantly. Once he gets there, he starts grunting and then screaming. He has figured out how to roll back onto his back. Needless to say, we are continously having to stop what we are doing to help him back onto his back. It is kind of funny!!! Pretty soon he will be rolling all over the place.

Kaden is a SUPER big brother. He continues to be very helpful, giving Brody his toys and wanting to help with diaper changes (I wonder how long that will last). The other day he was telling Brody and I all about Nemo on his communication device. Here is his conversation...

Nemo lives in the cool water sharks haves big teeth sharks haves no hair sharks scary hey brody you can play no no no no big boys

So he had given Brody the Nemo movie when he told him he could play then he took it away after typing no and started laughing. I thought it was funny that he is already teasing him, it probably won't be as funny later on down the road. He is so into the "big boy, little boy" stuff. According to Kaden "big books" are for big boys and "little books" are for little boys. He likes to seperate what he considers baby toys from big boy toys. He is too cute. And wow, he likes to tell us everything he can think up on his communication device. It is so nice to have and for him to be able to put into words his thoughts. He is absolutely amazing with all that he can spell. I have never met any other 4 year old or heard of one for that matter with that great of spelling. I am going to have to video tape him some day so I can look back on it in the future, just to remind myself of just how smart he was at this show him as well.

One more quick story. Today I asked Kaden if he wanted to hold Brody. He reached up to help me put Brody on his lap. Well, Brody has been into "gnawing" on things and what better place then Kaden's arm. Kaden didn't think it was the best place and was quick to give him back. My mom reminded me that it won't be that cute once he gets teeth...ouch!!! Well, I better get going. Tomorrow Kaden has a friend from school coming over to should be a great day for Kaden, this is the first. He absolutely adores this little boy. He talks about him all of the time. I guess the two of them hug all of the time at school. His teacher told me the other day that Kaden's friend had said to Kaden "you can hug me anytime you want." I thought it was super sweet. I have heard nothing but great things about this kiddo and how he treats Kaden. I am excited to see how tomorrow goes.


Niff and Andy said...

What a great kiddo. :o) Kaden seems so well rounded! As for Brody - congrats little guy! You'll figure it out!

Zachery&Allie*Mommy said...

I can't believe how big both of them are have some handsome boys Amy!

The Bryant Family said...

All awesome and great things!!!

Ashlee said...

Hey Amy,
I love the stories you shared! I'm sure that Kaden is just adorable with Brody. I hope his visit with his friend went well! Have a great day!!


The Rice Family said...

I can't beleive that Brody is allready rolling over. How great is that!! Hope Kaden has a blast on his play date. They seem like they are just growing up so fast. We are going to have to just make a road trip to come and see you. CJ is eating like a champ so we might try getting away from home sometime next month I will check our schedule and give ya a call. ta ta for now.