Wednesday, May 27, 2009

By Golly, He's Got It

Today Brody has seemed to figure out how to get back onto his back. The first go around was an accident, but the two other times I think it was a real thought out plan he had :). He hasn't seemed to pick it up as fast as he did the rolling onto his tummy, but he'll get it. He is also liking his belly a lot more. Oh and boy does he like putting things in his, blankies, my name it.

Tomorrow is Kaden's last day of pre-k. I can not believe that in a few months he will be in Kindergarten. My baby boy is growing up. I am is such awe over him. He is simply amazing.

So today I read another word he typed out that I didn't know he knew how to spell. He typed out "all done watching the show". I had no idea he knew how to spell watching...he is pretty good about making things plural, or adding "ing". Again, simply amazing.

One last thing...Monday I decided to let Brody taste baby food. He did pretty good, although I know he is still pretty young. We tried the sweet potatoes. He knew to open his mouth when he saw the spoon heading for it, and he moved it around in his mouth pretty good. I just didn't want to give him too much at this time. We will wait a little longer...he just seems so interested when we are eating "real" food around him, I had to try.

Well, it is almost the weekend and I can't wait. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


The Bryant Family said...

Way to go Brody.....he will be all over soon enough. Rolling all the way.
Kaden is so smart.!!! He is going to do great in Kindergarden!!!

Rachel Dominguez said...

Man Brody is growing up fast and doing things so quickly! How Amazing is that?!!

I cant believe Kaden is spelling those kind of words and is not in Kindergarten yet. Where is he learning to do that?

Anonymous said...

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