Monday, March 9, 2009

Helping Tucker's Heart...

Tucker was born in 2005 with Down Syndrome and a heart defect called Hypo-plastic left heart, the same heart defect that Ava was born with. He has undergone two out of the three heart surgeries required for this heart defect. However, even with all three surgeries, it is not a guarantee for a long life. His parents have found a surgeon in Boston that can repair his heart, giving him a whole heart and a very active, full life. This site has been put into play to help this family get to Boston, to offset cost for travel, room and food while they are there. The surgery is schedule for April 13, 2009. Please visit this site and see all the different raffles you can enter to win and help this family at the same time. Tucker is a beautiful little boy and you can read more about him and his family by clicking the button above but also visiting his mommy's blog site (you can find it on my side bar under The Bryant Family - Tucker. Thank you for helping this family.


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Thank you so much my dear, I appreciate it as well as do Tucker and his family.

The Bryant Family said...

Thank you Amy.....I appreciate you passing our story along. There are so many kiddos with HPLH that this doctor is helping, every single day......I am upset at the fact that it was NOT given to us freely by Mercy, they know about this doctor and the procedure. I know it is all about "legal crap" but these are OUR kids they hold in their hands. WE depend on them for the best care of our kids. TO find out that there is another option instead of just waiting for the failure to happen with TUckers heart....he could be here for a long time, without heart issues. Even if they would have said, OFF THE RECORD there is a doctor you might look into,,,,,but they didnt. I have found though, now that they know (They being Mercy) we are going to Boston,,,it is marked in all of his charts. That was the fist thing the nurse that we know from the PICU said, she heard we were going to they have a round table meeting about it. And I wonder if it is a "thank goodness Tucks mom found someone that had gone already and was given the information, or I think it is a waste or what exactly is said."

I kinda went on a spree there, sorry. I just pray that this is something for the future of you know it could change many lives.
HUGS to you.....Karen