Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting Older...

Yesterday I talked to a friend from high school about our 10 year reunion. 10 YEARS!!! That is unbelievable to me and definitely puts it into perspective as to exactly how old I am getting. Then tonight I found a picture of Nate and I on another friends facebook page. It almost made me laugh. I am not exactly sure how long ago this picture was taken, but I want to say about 5-6 years ago. Looking at it makes me want to pinch Nate's cheeks : ), he looks so adorable (AWWWW).


The Bryant Family said...

You two are just as cute today as you were back then.....older but wiser and more in love....and beautiful family.
I have our 20 year.....omg talk about getting old, coming up.

Rachel said...

You are just one heck of a beautiful couple and now I feel old cuz I already had my 10yr reunion and my 15yr and in 2yrs, my 20yr. Holy cow...I didnt realize I was that old till now.

You guys looked great then and you still look great!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Such a sweet photo! It's always nice to go back and look at life! My 10 year is in the works too, so hard to believe!

BTW, would you be willing to make a post about Tucker's fund raising blog? I am really trying to get traffic over there and help Tucker and his family get to Boston. Any where I can spread the word would be awesome! Let me know, thanks!

Isabella said...

My ten year blew right past me while Bella was in the hospital.
You guys are so cute together!!!
Thinking of you always