Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day. We all were safe today and escaped any pinches by wearing our green. I actually put a new outfit on Brody, the size...6-12 months and it actually fit.

Well, today Kaden and I took a trip to the hospital to visit his pediatrican. I have noticed since Sunday that his g-tube site is looking really bad. It really hasn't looked great for a long time now, but lately it has been leaking and bleeding a lot. Then Sunday it looked a little swollen and then red. Last night he said it hurt and I asked him if he needs to go to the doctor. He said yes. For Kaden to say yes, it's got to hurt pretty bad (either that or he has realized that he gets stickers when he goes). The doctor thinks it might be some type of infection, but the culture takes about 48 hours for results so she has started him on antibiotics just in case.

It was a beautiful day today, over 80 degrees. When we got home I got his truck out and he drove it for a little while. I almost put the fear in him to the point that he was done at first. I didn't realize it was on the fast setting and he took off, forgetting from the last time he drove how to stop. He finally stopped and was very upset. After me talking him into continuing (it took me a while to get the darn thing out of the yard, and caused me to sweat, we were going to be out there more then two minutes darn it), he realized "oh yeah, it's not so bad" and wanted to drive to grandpa's. Instead we drove down the block and back and he was ready to go in.

I am amazed by Kaden every day. He is such a joy to be around and has the greatest personality. I know that Brody is intrigued by him. He sees Kaden and just stares and reaches out towards him at times. Kaden enjoys being a big brother (I think), well, most of the time. Last night he told me that he (Kaden) is happy and that Brody is sad because he cries (Brody was sleeping at the time). Then tonight while we were praying Kaden signed "thank you for my toys, thank you for baby's toys, thank you for mommy, thank you for daddy, thank you for grandma, thank you for grandpa, thank you for nana" then makes sure we mention Brody. It's very cute.

Not much else is really going on right now. I did take Brody to the doctor last week for his 4 week check up. He weighed 12 lbs 7 oz and is 25 1/4 inch long. He is such a sweet baby and does very well sleeping at night. We don't go to bed until after midnight most nights but he doesn't get up until around 5 am most mornings for his feeding. I know many think that they should eat every 3 hours and that I should be waking him up at night, but I agree with those who say "never wake a sleeping baby : )" besides I talked to his pediatrican about it and he says it's alright!


Rachel said...

So so so glad to hear from you...or read a post from you!

I think KADEN is awesome! I love that he is so independent driving his truck and being a NORMAL kiddo!!!!! I just love him!

As for waking Brody up....GOODNESS GRACIOUS NO!!!! He is 4 weeks old ad 12lbs....he is fine. Let the growing boy sleep. You are doing the right thing there in my opinion. I had two boys that were large (not 11lbs) but large and I let them sleep. He will be just fine and i'm sure he eats pleanty during his waking hours.

ONE REQUEST GIRL.....More Pictures of the new little guy please!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kaden is getting so big and so independent. You probably were more freaked about the fast driving then he was and then darn it you scared the bageebees out of him. I know that is the over protective mother in us all.
As for waking Brody I say heck no. They know when they are hungry or needing a changing or something else. If he is wanting sleep leave him alone. He sounds like he is getting plenty of food and growing oh so fast. We need to make a trip down to JC to see everyone and see how the house is coming along.
Hugs and Kisses
Aunt Pamela

Isabella said...

Kaden is such an awesome little boy. I bet Brody is getting so big.
Miss you and thinking of you always.