Friday, September 5, 2008

Sono pictures

It's a Boy

baby face

little foot


Here are the first pictures of our little guy. No, we haven't decided on a name yet. It wouldn't hurt to get some help actually. I have a girl name, but that won't work this time!!! First off, two of the names that are up in the air right now are
Liam Cole
Tallan (haven't thought of a middle name)

Nate likes one and I like the other (I won't tell you who likes which one). However, we are not set on either name so I thought it would be fun for you all to vote on one or the other as well as give us some great ideas. You never know, we could use one of the names that you have come up with. Why are boy names so hard to think of.


Isabella said...

I just love sono pics!!
I like Liam Cole. Matt and I have had the boy name Jacob Matthew picked out since I was pregnant with Abigail!! Doesn't look like we will be getting a boy anytime soon. In fact I don't think Matt and I can produce boys!!

Pam said...

Hooray!! I haven't been able to check in until now, and I am soooo excited for you!!

Congrats on a healthy ultrasound, and I like Liam!!


BiLlY, sAm, AnD bOyS!!! said...

CoNgRaTs!!!!! I am SO happy for you guys!!!!! CoNgRaTs!!!!!!!

I like Tallon. I have 3 boys and some of the names I liked were Kelton, Cohlyer, and my husband had liked Tallon.
Good luck picking a name! I think it is so hard choosing! I have to see the baby first!

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

I love the sono pictures. I don't know what it is about boy names but they are really hard. Kyle and I have a boy name picked out, Max Stanton, Stanton is after my step-dad. However, we'll probably never get a boy!

I really like the name Liam Cole. Congrats again on the sono I am so excited for you!

Jessica said...

Hey, who's your doc at The Women's Health Group? I see Dr. Catterson, that's who was suppose to deliver Halle but she was out of town the day I went into labor! So Dr. Gros and Dr. Haun delivered her via C-Section instead. Just thought it was interesting you went to the same gyno office ... not that there are that many other options in JC/Manhattan, but still!

Anonymous said...

I really like the name Asher Matthias. Asher means blessed in Hebrew and Matthias means gift of God in Greek. So, together it means blessed, gift of God. What a great meaning for a baby name! Anyway, it's just a suggestion. I also like both Liam and Tallon. Again, congratulations on the new baby!


Angel Gabi's Mommy said...

What a blessing! Those pictures are some GREAT shots. I can't believe I forgot to check this sooner...I am so absent minded.

I think you have picked out 2 great names, I like Liam alot. I have a hard time thinking of boy names...I don't think Jason is capable of producing boys. Megan and I are in the same boat, maybe next time...hahaha!!!

So good to hear that little man is healthy. I think the whole time I was pregnant with Kinsley I thought the doctors were crazy. I hardly had any sonograms and they didn't want to see her all the time. I had no idea what a "normal" pregnancy was, but it sure was nice. To be able to have a life outside of being pregnant sure is a good feeling. Please remember if you need to talk ever, I am here...been there done that!

I can't wait to see this little guy, enjoy the next few months of bonding:)

Love and Prayers!!!

Rachel said...

How beautiful are these? Man I love the first view of a baby.

I choose Liam Cole, however, Tallen is very different and I like different.

As you know my boys names all end with "son" they are Mason, Jackson, and Coleson. So I love the name Cole cuz that is what i call my baby.

Good luck in choosing.