Friday, September 19, 2008

A Favorite First...

I think this was one of Kaden's favorite first. For those of you who do not know...Kaden loves books. So what better place to go then the library. I signed Kaden up for story time at the library once a week. When we walked in and he saw the all of the books, his expression was priceless...and I didn't have the camera ready, DARN IT.

Well, we had a little time before story time began so we decided to let him look around for a couple of books to check out. What does he do, plant his bottom on the ground and begin to try to rearrange the books on the shelf (another one of his favorites). I do not know how many times Nate or I had to explain to him that he can not move the books around or pull them all off of the shelves. He did manage to find two books, among all the books, that he wanted to check out. I am worried how he is going to react next week when we take them back, as he is calling them his "new books." I have explained it several times, so that along with him getting to check out new ones may help us escape a melt down.

Here are a few of the pictures I managed to sneak in as we were leaving.

Here are my "new" books.
I don't want to leave.
Do we have to get in the car?
Um...hello, I wasn't finished in there!!!

On a different note:
I just thought this was hilarious and wanted to share the laugh with all of you...
My grandma has a ton of Beanie Babies from when she use to collect them. Well, now they are available for all of the great-grandkids to play with. Kaden loves going through them all and has realized that their names are on the tags. So he will open all 100 of them (ok, there is not that many but you get the point)and wants us to read the names. He grabs an elephant and opens the tag and lets me read it. His name was Peanut. The next thing I know, Kaden starts pointing to his diaper area. I later told Nate, "I have NEVER called it "peanut" before." However, I decided not too long ago that we should no longer call "it" baby names such as "pee pee or wee-wee" oh, the list can go on and on. We now call "it" by it's name and Nate pointed out to me that the two sound very similar. Only my boy...only my boy!!!!

Sorry if any of you are lost with this story. I didn't want to type anything that would offend anybody.


Boeckman mommy said...

How cute Amy. Now Kaden thinks he has "peanuts" in his pants. Hehe. That is just too cute. Syd always thought "China" was in her pants. They are just too funny. Things like that that have to be told to them when they are old enough to understand how funny they are.

Yes the dinner and auction are in Rossvile. There is info on his blog. ( I think it is at the legion. The dinner at 5 I think and maybe 7 for the auction and band or DJ also. But I know that is at the Rossville bar, so I am not exactly for sure. I am pretty sure it is on the blog though. I will try to find out and let you know.

Regan said...

I love the pictures of Kaden. He looked so sad to be leaving the library! And I love the insight into what I will be dealing with in a few years.

I hope you and the baby are doing well. And tell Nate Ryan is home and will not be working for the next two weeks so he can come out and see the land sometime.

My Three Sons said...

Carson calls his "Pickle" so I'm right there with you. He also calls his behind "Po-Po" no thanks to Charlie. Not sure where that word comes from but I believe I heard his mother call it that. She was from Cuba and sometimes had her own vocab.
Poor little Kaden, so sad to leave the library. How cute he looks. He has one of those "can you resist these cheeks" looks and no I can't!!! Keep up the reading Kaden.

Take care and Thanks for your input on my blog.


PS Nancy over at OT said to tell Kaden hello from her. She asked about you guys when I told her about our connection. You could tell Kaden was one of her favorites!!! But I really wasn't surprised by that.

sonnysgurl89 said...

yeah for once im extremely happy lol..... but yeah he does make me happy hopefully you will be able to meet him sometime..... hopefully b4 we ever get married though lol...... i want to take a little vacation up there next year so he can meet the family but i dont know we will have to see how things go and if i have the money lol..... i have truely found what the word love means now and there isnt a day that goes by that i dont thank god for the blessing he gave me by giving me him..... but my my that story was very funny i told sonny and he cracked up kaden is a hoot.... he always knows how to make people smile..... but that was sweet of ur mom and grandma im glad they like my new look too but now i just cut off my hair so i have to get more new pix lol..... me and sonny are working on gettin professional pictures taken so we can send them to family you know.... i dont think i have told you but he is a little older then me, he is 26.... but like they always say age dont matter its what the heart feels.... but mom and dad like him...... we go over there and hang out... they even get him to play games and he has never played games before until he met them lol..... well i think i have wrote u enough of my novel right here lol..... love and miss yall


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!! I got a good laugh out of that one! How cute is that? It took me awhile to see where you were going with that one, but now I see how that would sound similar! Bryona loves elephants and they are her favorite animals. I will now probably remember that story everytime I think of an elephant.

Rachel said...

Oh how cute he is! That is a terrific thing that he has such an interest in books.

And the "peanut" thing cracked me up girl. I have 3 boys and have been through those same discussions. Kids are so funny.

Hope your feeling ok and that the pregnancy is going good.


Isabella said...

That seriously cracked me up!! Kaden just amazes me, he is the smartest little kid I have ever met.
Hmmm, lets see, I am craving Mexican food all of the time and Mac-n-cheese. I am starting to think I am further along that I thought. I am HUGE!!!! I just know it is a boy, but I guess we won't know for sure until like December or so.
Oh, this is all so exciting!! BABIES, BABIES. I can't believe so many of us are pregnant at the same time!!

Caden said...

That's hilarious! And he's just such a sweetie, and smart too! :)

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

How cute! We love books at our house too! Ok the peanut thing makes me laugh but I think this will make you laugh. When my newphew was younger, he called his a "dummy" and we have no idea where he got that from. In fact, we still laugh about it from time to time. It took my sister years to get him to not call it his "dummy"!!

The Bryant Family said...

i dont know if you got my comment or not....something jsut happened and it isnt there but shows I am logged in which would have happened when it went to I will check later to see if you got my post.