Sunday, September 7, 2008

Golf Tournament in Memory of Ava

This is very last minute and I honestly do not know a lot of details. Some friends of ours decided to hold a memorial golf tournament in Ava's name. It will be this Saturday, Sept. 13th at 9:00am. It is a four man scramble, at $200 a team. From what I understand there is 36 teams allowed and there are a few spots still opened. If you do not have anything to do Saturday and would like to enter a team, please feel free to contact me and let me know that you are interested at and I will get your info to the right people.

On another note:
Today would be 4 months since our Ava went to Heaven. It seems like it has been ages ago. I miss her every day and can not even imagine how wonderful it would feel to hold her again. I know I have said this before, but sometimes (a lot of the time) it feels like the time we had with her was just a wonderful dream, although I know the love was and is real. She was an amazing gift God gave us and I would never want that to change. She had an amazing impact on lives that a lot of people my age and older have yet to do. She was an angel here on earth and now in Heaven looking down on us.

My dear Ava,

We miss you terribly. You are not and will never be forgotten. You hold a special place in our hearts and nobody can ever take that away from us. I want to thank you for watching over your bubby Kaden and now your baby brother. I know you had something to do with bringing him into our lives and I thank you so much for that. I have a gut feeling that he is going to look a lot like you...that when daddy and I look in his eyes we will see a part of you. He will know all about his big sissy. Kaden still talks about you everyday. He has continously typed love Ava on his talking device, I know that he misses you so much, but I think he can feel you with him. I love you baby girl and miss you more then words can say. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Loving you forever and ever,
mommy, daddy, bubby and baby


mummy to angel SKYLA said...

Hi Amy,
Thankyou for your comment on Skyla's blog. I am sorry too for your loss of beautiful Ava. It makes it so much harder knowing that they had been both going so well and the next minute our babies are gone. Its just not fair. Im so happy to see that Kaden is doing great and now a new baby boy, a healthy baby boy. That is fantastic news. I too want another one but am very scared. I just want a healthy baby. Is it ok if i add Kaden and Angel Ava's blog to Skyla's blog. Oh and out of Liam and Talon, i like Talon. All the best for this pregnancy. Im sure your beautiful girl is up there watching over all of you. Ava will look after her new little brother, and of course Kaden. Take care and talk soon.
PS. I loved the poem you wrote. Thanks

Kristy, mummy to Angel SKLYA LCDH

Amie said...

That is so awesome that they are doing something like that in Ava's honor. I'm sure that means a lot to you! I wish I lived near there and could help out with the tournament but... Either way, my heart is with you guys. God bless!

Oh-And my vote is for Talon! What a cute name!

Lisa said...

Hello Amy,

I stumbled on your blog and am very sorry for your loss, my heart aches for you.
Our son has a trach also.
I vote the original names.

Warmest regards,

Isabella said...

Thinking of you guys always!!