Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We entered Kaden in a "cute kid contest." The winner receives a complimentary session and $75 dollars towards printing. I am really excited. It is through a photographer who took pictures of Kaden when he was in the hospital. She is really good but too expensive for us right now. We haven't taken professional pictures of Kaden since the hospital so I am really excited about this contest.

Please send your vote. To check out the pictures go to http://www.susanrobichaud.blogspot.com To see the pictures, you have to scroll dwon, do not press on any of the options at the top of her page. From there you will see directions. Kaden is #5. I believe all you do is e-mail her at susanrobichaud@gmail.com and in the subject area type in "cute kid vote #5." You are only allowed one vote per e-mail address per day. Please, please, please vote...it would mean a lot to us...you never know, we could win!!!

Thanks...I have a lot to post, but at this moment I don't have the time. I will try tomorrow.

Thanks again!!!


Anonymous said...

so i can vote every day until June 10th? I just voted now and if i can plan to vote EVERY single day!!!

Kyle, Aimee & Ava said...

Good Luck... We will vote for your little guy!

Amyb99 said...

I voted! 3 times since I have 3 different email addresses :) Hope Kaden wins!!!!!!

Ashlea said...

I have two different email addresses, so I'll use both of them! I hope you Kaden wins!!!

Rachel said...

I have voted for Kaden today and will continue every day till the last day! Good Luck!! I hope that precious boy wins!

In my thoughts and prayers always,