Thursday, June 12, 2008


Growing up I have been through my share of tornado warnings, fortunately enough one has never hit our city (not since I was born...knock on wood). I have been told that it is because we are in a valley and to tell you the truth, I like the idea of that.

Last night we got fortunate again. My sister called me because she was in a neighboring city and was about to leave to come home. She asked me if I heard anything of a tornado coming towards our city..."WHAT???" was pretty much my reaction. I turned on the news and saw that a tornado had hit a neighboring city west of us and we were directly in it's path. It was a pretty big one at that. Then of course the sirens starting going off and the weatherman warned everyone to take shelter. So Nate and I were getting Kaden in a safe spot in the basement and all of his things (the little booger slept right through it) and then just continued watching the news. How I understand it, about 5-8 miles outside of our town the tornado went back up. However, it touched down again, twice (I think)...this time in the neighboring city east of us, where my sister was. She was lucky enough to have a friend who lived there and had a basement so she was safe.

I just wanted to ask everyone to keep the people affected by these storms in your prayers. Total death rate from these storms are 2 with many injured. I will leave you some pictures from the first tornado that touched down. I did not take them but was e-mailed them from a friend. I do not have any pictures from the other tornado but saw the damage first hand is so sad.


My Three Sons said...

My dad was a survivor of the Rusking Heights tornado in KC back in 1957. I have pictures of him. I think he was 6 or 7 and of course they are in black and white. He is standing in his yard and all you see behind him is debres. His house was only one of very few that had a basement. There is a high school and church across the street from his house and they were completely destroyed. The church had a boy scout meeting and they let the kids out when the siren went off and some of the boys(my dad's friends) were killed. When my dad ,grandma, and papa came out of the basement, there was nothing left of their house. They actually lived in the basement for a couple of months until the upstairs was rebuilt.

It is amazing to see how violent mother nature can be. So needless to say, my dad is terrified of tornados and when I was growing up and the sirens went off, my mother was the strong one. Not a good impact on me. A couple of weeks ago Lee's Summit had the sirens go off twice and I had to act brave in front of my three boys. I'm sure my oldest could see through it and kept the other two busy. He is actually the "man" of the house. It's nice to see that I'm raising him right.

Anyways, I'm glad to see your family made it through the storm safely and hopefully you will again tonight.

Ashlea said...

This whole week has been crazy for weather! We've had to go to shelter twice just this week... but we were fortunate. We are definetly thinking about and praying for those families affected. It's crazy, and hopefully it lets up sometime very soon!