Friday, June 20, 2008

ABC Song

sorry, I still can not figure out how to rotate videos

Kaden has become a You Tube junkie. He loves this's called the ABC song. I am getting use to it now, but the first few times I heard it I thought I was going to loose my mind.

He has been doing great with trials off of the ventilator (knock on wood). He can stay off of it for up to an hour at a time...depending on how active he is. The one thing that helps him stay off is him sitting at the computer. He likes to walk around when he is off as well, but he can only last about half an hour or so when he is more active. He is doing really well, we are so proud of him. Keep it up big boy.

Angel Ava, we love you and miss you more then words can say.


Isabella said...

Way to go Kaden. You and Bella will be off the vent before we know it!!

Pam said...

Amy!! That is awesome that he is doing so well! I am so happy!

Go Kaden Go!!

Love the video. Man he is getting so big. He looks so different than when I first started stalking your blog.

We miss Ava too, I love looking at her pictures and watching her video's over and over. She is such a beautiful little angel.


Kyle, Aimee & Ava said...

The ABC song sent me NUTS the first couple of times I heard it. Ava loves it too!

I am so glad that he is doing well off of the vent; keep it up little man. He will be off of it before you know it!!

My Three Sons said...

How precious is that!!! Kaden it is so cool to see you off of the vent. Keep up the good work. You are such a fighter.
Hope you have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

Where did you put the playlist music off button?? I can't hear the videos when there is background music.

I must be getting old.


The Bryant Family said...

Awesome! Go Kaden. I havent posted in a while but keep up with you every day. Love Kadens little frog "moo". He is growing so. Tuck is starting to take some steady steps and hopefully will be walking soon as well.
It is funny, the last comment you said Kaden couldnt do juice and solid, he didnt know what to do first. Tuck is the same way. I have to strain all the fruit really well or he chokes. I might try the soup idean. Anything that he will eat is good. He likes salad with Ranch dressing if you can imagine that.

Caden said...

Wow! That's great! He's just doing so good all the way around!

Angel Gabi's Mommy said...

What exciting things Kaden continues to do! I just love reading and hear how well he is doing. One day I will be thrilled to read he is off his vent:)

I love the new look of your page, quite impressive you are getting pretty computer savvy:)

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Sending love and prayers your way, take care of yourselves!