Sunday, January 20, 2008


Friday, one of my good friends threw me a surprise baby shower at work. It was really sweet. I got a lot of things I needed, what makes it even better is that I never registered so I just got really lucky. They even all went in together to get a baby swing, since for some reason I had the bright idea to sell all of our old baby things in a yard sale the weekend before I found out I was pregnant. I am so excited about meeting Ava, but of course getting really nervous. Unfortunately I found out that Kaden will not be allowed in the NICU due to RSV season, siblings are not allowed in until RSV season ends. Hopefully he will be able to see her while she is still at Truman. Kaden's old primary nurse even said that she was going to try to rearrange her work schedule to try and be there. I think that is really sweet. I am counting down the days...9 more days left (not including the rest of this one). I can not believe it. I think back and remember finding out that I was pregnant and it seems like forever ago, but then to know the end is almost here is crazy. I am about to the same point I was with Kaden, wanting to stay pregnant because I know she is safe there, but I feel a little more at ease with her. Maybe it is because I have been through this once, or maybe because God showed me with Kaden that with Him everything will be alright. Whatever the reason, I continue to pray and try my hardest to think positive and of course the excitement of getting to see her and kiss her gets me through the scary thoughts.

I can not wait for Kaden and Ava to get to meet each other and grow up together. Kaden told me today that although he does not like all of the pink outfits for Ava he is willing to share his most prized possessions with her....his beloved books!!! What a great big brother Ava will have.


Anonymous said...

Make sure I get a phone call!!I am sooooo excited to meet little Ava!!! Good Luck adn let me know if you need anythign:) XOXO Whitney
*Can you believe you will be a mother of two?

Isabella said...

First off I want to thank you for everything. I will be giving you a call when we come to town. It will be the 11th. As always we are praying for you and little Ava. It sounds like Kaden is going to be great big brother.
Talk to ya soon.

Gabi's Mommy said...

Things have been so crazy in our lives in the last week and a half. But not a day goes by I don't check for your updates! We are praying for Ava's safe arrival and your quick recovery. Please please keep us posted. You are getting so close, I bet Kaden is getting so excited! Thinking of you often, and you're always in our prayers:)