Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting Ready for Baby...

Kaden giving Ava kisses
Kaden is showing mommy and daddy how he is

going to hold his baby sister.

Today was my last doctor's appt until the baby arrives. They did however change the date that they are going to induce the 31st of this day later than previously planned, but still just around the corner. I am getting so anxious. Kaden has been "practicing" holding Ava, as you can tell from the pictures above. He is so cute, he was rocking Elmo and giving him kisses which turned into giving all of his stuffed animals kisses. He then decided that they needed to go to sleep so he laid them all down on a blanket I put on the floor for him. He read them a book and even "showed" them the pictures. After a while of leaving them "sleeping," he picked up his Pablo (from Backyardigans) and signed to me "all done, sleep." So I asked him what they were going to do next and he signed "play." Duh, mommy, I should have known.

So Kaden has a new talent. He walks all by himself (using a walker). Nate and I picked him up from school today and the teacher asked Kaden to show us how he could walk. He could not have been more proud of himself, who could blame him. What a big accomplishment for such a big boy. He has been using the walker in the past, but they were leaving it turned around the "wrong" way which I think made him more secure because the bar was running in front of him. The past couple days he has been having to use it the correct way and until today he cried every time he used it. I am so excited for him. We are now taking it home after school so he can use it here as well. Grandpa and grandma came over and he was able to show them as well as nana how great of a walker he is. He just cruised around nana's house. Then tonight he walked to the bedroom by himself as I pulled the ventilator along. This is such perfect timing...I can't wait to see him be able to use it more on a consistent basis for longer periods of time. I really can't wait for him to be able to walk into the NICU or special care clinic to see his old nurses and the docs. Well, I am sure I will be updating more soon...and hopefully posting pictures of baby Ava by the end of next week. Please continue your prayers for Ava's strength and quick recovery. Thank you all for your support, it means a lot.


Isabella said...

Such exciting news. We are praying and eagerly anticipating Ava's arrival. And way to go Kaden with the walker. I tell you what Big Boy you are such an inspiration for us and our future with Isabella. Keep us posted on what is going on.
Love and Prayers

Gabi's Mommy said...

Oh Amy we couldn't be mored excited for you! Sorry you have to go another day longer, but hey Ava may decide on her own she is ready sooner. Either way we continue that God will keep her safe and give her a quick recovery!

Now as for that big boy Kaden, what a sweet big brother. He is going to be so good to his little sister. And look how much he is out to prove to the world he IS a big boy, walking by himself...WOW, GO KADEN GO!!!

Love and Prayers Always to you all:)

Anonymous said...

That is so precious seeing how Kaden is handling the arrival of little sis Ava. He will be a wonderful big brother. I am so proud of him with his walker, I had heard he was using it again. Just think he may be pulling Ava around the house in a little red wagon (of course a little while later on). Exciting news that you will be delivering on the 31st. If you need anything just give us a call. Take care, hugs and kisses to everyone. We are praying for everyone and waiting for the call.
Aunt Pamela and Cousing Megan

Jess said...

I know you may not check your blog tonight but I wanted to let you know Halle and I are thinking about you, Nate, Kaden and Ava, you're in our prayers every day. Good luck tomorrow! I know Kaden will make a wonderful big brother!