Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Poor Bubby....

My poor little Kaden did not feel well at all today. I actually stayed home with him because we did not have a nurse today. Our plan was to go to school together and hang out, just mommy and Kaden because daddy went on a hunting trip and left last night. Well at about four in the morning the poor little guy woke up and was up and down the rest of the morning. When we finally made it out to the living room he just laid on his blanket watching cartoons, quietly, not interested in books or anything. Then he started whining, so I picked him up and cuddled him and he was out like a light...for about 20 minutes, and the wretching started. This poor little guy stayed in my lap for most of the day, minus the time I decided to give him a quick bath. He would sleep for 20 minutes or so, wake up trying to throw up, and then fall back to sleep. After, oh, about most of the day I decided to move him to the couch because my back was in so much pain and Ava would not stop kicking him, and he laid there for about an hour watching cartoons. He didn't want anything to do with anyone except for mommy and boy was he a cuddle bug. I am not sure what is going on with him, I kind of wonder if it is a stomach bug...or his patch. He was so upset this morning, signing potty, but never went and he hasn't had very many wet diapers. I did start a feeding this morning and he received most of it, and then I gave him water with some medicine that is suppose to help him stool (but didn't). Then I started pedialyte and have had that running continously at a low rate. He is not running a real fever, but the last couple of years we all ended up with the nasty stomach bug without fevers. I have been waiting for us to catch the's just part of our winter routine, so maybe that is what it is. I just hope that I don't get it for Ava's sake and if I do, it will be over the weekend...I need to work tomorrow, since I have already had to take off three days this week, all being unpaid leave. Please pray for Kaden to get better and for this to be just some bug that will soon pass and nothing to do with any type of surgery or his diaphragm.

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