Thursday, August 9, 2007

Since then...Aug.2007

Kaden is a few days from being three and a long way from where he once was. Kaden still requires the ventilator support and a feeding tube to receive nutrition but boy has he made a drastic improvement since 2005. Kaden has had a few more surgeries to repair the diaphragmatic hernia that just did not want to stay intact. Since his last surgery for the repair ( in Dec) Kaden's diaphragm hasn't been an issue (knock on wood). He had a surgery at the end of June to remove his tonsils and atnoids and the doctors decided to use a little camera to look at his airway. What they found was a little disappointing. The doctor came to us and let us know that she believed that Kaden's vocal cords were paralyzed. For those who may not know, this means that since they are paralyzed closed he can make noise but he can not get air past them to breath, they need to be opened to breath. She believes as of now that he will need the trach for life. It is up to him and his diaphragm to come off of the ventilator. This little boy is absolutely amazing and has proven so many people wrong, I would not be surprised if he does it again!!!

Kaden will be starting pre-school in a little over a week. We, as parents, are so excited for him but have many, many butterflies in our stomach. Our little angel is growing up. He is so smart, and I am not just saying this because he is my son, but this little guy can spell over ten words, including his name, knows his colors and numbers. He knows about 75-100 signs. Let me remind you that he is just turning three in a few days. Like I said he is absolutely amazing. He has taught my husband and I a new meaning for life. We feel absolutely blessed to be the parents of such a fun loving, incredible little boy. He is the love of our lives and a joy to be around.


Gabi's Daddy said...

Ok...have to comment here as well. haha. That is so amazing that through all that he has endured that he and you have found the energy to learn so much at such an early age. I have no doubt that little Kaden is going to be suprising a lot of people for the rest of his life! Good for him and great for you guys as parents! You're always in our thoughts and prayers!

Shannon said...

He truly is a smart little boy! That's a lot of knowledge for a boy that age! Bravo Kaden!