Monday, August 20, 2007

School Days

Today was Kaden's first day of school. He did wonderful, mommy was a different story. I thought that it would be alright, but once I started to tell him good-bye the tears started flowing. My baby is growing up. His nurse, Cristen, is able to go with him, so I think that helps him a lot. She said he did great and seemed to open up to one of the paras' there. He is one of the helpers, how I understand it he is in charge of shapes. So, he points to a shape and the class says what shape he is pointing to. When I went to pick him up, class was still going I stood outside the classroom and watched him sit in a circle with the rest of the class and sing "The Wheels on the Bus," (I admit, that almost got the tears flowing again). He goes to school four days a week, Mon-Thurs. for three hours, so it's not too bad. He was excited to tell nana what he did today. When he saw her he signed school and numbers. If you didn't know already he loves numbers, colors, and letters! What a big boy...I can't believe this day is already here. Boy was he wiped out tonight, he started asking to go to sleep by 6:30, I made him wait until 8:00, I don't need him up and ready by 4:00 : ). Like the last couple postings I have pics to post, however I am trying to get the camera to work with this computer again...I am not sure what is going on. Hopefully soon.

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Gabi's Daddy said...

This is an awesome entry. I can't imagine the overwhelming joy going through you to watch Kaden in class. We're very happy for you guys.