Sunday, February 15, 2009


I just have a couple of cute stories to share with you.

First one:
Yesterday, I had just finished feeding Brody (which is going much better)and said "ok, now mommy needs to burp you." My nephew, Miles (he's five), was near me and said "oh you bought one of those things to put in his belly like Kaden" (talking about Kaden's mickey-button).

Second one:
I was letting Kaden pick out his two bedtime stories, one for himself, one for Ava. Miles was there and asked why he gets two bedtime stories. I explained it to him and his response was "because she is a spirit in the sky that we can't see?"

Third one:
I was feeding Brody (with a bottle because he is a little piggy and I (most of the time) have to follow breast feeding with a bottle of formula. Anyway I said something about Brody eating and Kaden lifted up his shirt and showed Brody his mickey-button and signed "eat".

I love how innocent little kids' minds are.

On another note...
Things are going well. I am really sore (mostly in my back). I think it is from my spinal. I am getting bad headaches and backaches. Hopefully they will go away soon. Brody has his first doctors appt tomorrow. I am anxious to see how much he weighs now. When we left the hospital he was at 10 lbs 4 oz. I am not sure if he is back up some or not. Well, I am going to feed Mr. Brody and hit the sack. I am so tired!!!


My Three Sons said...

Well with a baby that big, I'm sure he loves to eat a lot. I'm so happy for you Amy. What a wonderful blessing for your family.

Kaden is sooo cute. Maybe watching Brody eat will encourage Kaden to try again orally? That would be so awesome.

I hope your back starts feeling better. I'm sure it is from the combination of the spinal and the C-section. You are probably putting your body in awkward positions to compensate for you sore tummy. If you have some help, don't be afraid to take the pain medicine. That way you can get a little temporary relief.

Take care and God Bless your whole family.

Love to all

Anonymous said...

If you continue to have the headaches, or they worsen, call your doc. Usually headaches after a spinal or epidural are caused by leaking fluid and they can do a blood patch which will "plug" the hole. No need to suffer headaches at a time when you have so much to do.

Anonymous said...

Wow, have you ever been through a lot! Just wanted to say 2 things--I'm sure you will talk to your physician, but you are right, the headaches could be caused by the spinal--a small whole could be present, in which spinal fluid continues to leak out, most of the time you will notice headaches when standing or sitting up--can be fixed relatively simply with a procedure called a blood patch. Second, that baby may be just a great big eater, but if you find that you are not producing enough milk, you can be place on Reglan to help stimulate milk production. Best wishes to your family--you deserve it!

Diane said...

Brody is such a handsome guy. I'm so happy for your family. The comments from Miles and Kaden are too cute.

Isabella said...

CUTE!! Kids say the funnest stuff don't they?! Thinking of you always and hoping the soreness leaves you soon.
Love and Prayers Always

BiLlY, sAm, AnD bOyS!!! said...

he is so cute! hope the headaches go away! it's hard having a new baby with head aches! kaden says the cutest things!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Kids really do say the coolest things. Everything is so simply said. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Rachel said...

Love to see some new pictures!!!

I think those stories are so cute.

Kaden is just a doll!

I am praying for your soreness to go away fast. I feel for you!

Love and Prayers,


Carey said...

How funny are kids!

Ok, you're probably going to get sick of me, but just had to mention, the more you nurse, the more your supply will build. Your body CAN make enough food for him. I know, it may feel like your nipples are going to fall off for a while, and of course suppliment with a bottle if you need to, but everytime you give him a bottle, you should pump so your body recognizes how much he needs ... otherwise you're milk supply won't ever make enough. Keep at it girl!!!!