Saturday, December 29, 2007

Believe in Santa!!!

Kaden waiting patiently for his present !!!(Christmas eve)

Showing mommy what he got.
Christmas day...opening presents.

He actually had the hang of it...opening presents on his own!!!

Christmas eve was spent at nana's house, as always!!! The family gets together and opens presents from nana and nana opens hers from everyone. Afterwards, Nate, Kaden, my sister, nephew and I went around town looking at Christmas lights. We did not stay out too long because it was late and Kaden was a little on the fussy side. We did however see Rudolph's red nose in the sky!!! That made the boys pretty excited. When we returned home, Kaden put out the food he made for the reindeer and then we picked out some of the cookies he decorated earlier and left them out for Santa along with some milk. We read a few Christmas stories in bed and shortly after Kaden was out like a light.
When we woke up in the morning I told Kaden that I think I heard Santa last night in the living room. He got really excited and started pointing towards the bedroom hurry up and get me out there. When we went into the living room he started signing Santa and pointing to the presents under the tree and then signing "book". After all, he did ask Santa for a book. I then showed him the plate we left with the cookies and he signed "daddy" and pointed to my phone. Nate was at work so we called daddy and Kaden signed "Santa" again and pointed to the tree and then signed "cookie, milk, all done." It was all too cute. It is so much more fun now that he understands a little better. What was even better, was that when Nate came home and we opened presents, Kaden did it on his own, we didn't need to help. At first he did seem a little disappointed when he opened a toy and not a book. As he was ripping the wrapping paper he would see a toy and push it off to the side and sign "book." After a few toys he decided it wasn't so bad getting the toys either. At least this year Santa didn't bring clothes!!! When we went to bed that night Kaden kept signing "Santa, cookies, milk" and pointing to the bedroom door. I had to explain to him that Santa only comes once a year because he is a very busy guy. I think he accepted that excuse. We had a wonderful Christmas, now we are just trying to get over colds. Kaden and I seem to be passing it back and forth to each other. Nate has been pretty lucky so far. He had a little something, but it passed fast. Again I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you all have a safe and happy new year!!!

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Anonymous said...

Amy, that is fantastic that he got so excited and wanted to call daddy and let him know that Santa had been there and finished the milk, and cookies and oh yes do not forget brought presents. Hope all was enjoyable and exciting and the Holidays were fun. Sorry to hear about the colds. We missed you all on Christmas, but got to come down a few days later and spend a little time with Kaden. Glad to hear he like the pic of Blue. Take care and give hugs and kisses to all.

Love and kisses (xxxx oooo xx),
Aunt Pamela and Cousin Megan