Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby Ava's Better News Than The Weather

Here are some of the sonogram pictures of baby Ava that we received today. She sure does like keeping her hands by her face and boy, what a mover. The sonotech commented on the amount of strength she has because she continously tried to kick the probe off of my stomach. She was claiming her domain!!! We received pretty good news. I pretty much have no worries when it comes to the Turner Syndrome. Our main focus right now is her heart. However, the doctor did say that they did not see any fluid around her heart, unlike past history, great news!! We were able to see her lungs working and her diaphragm moving. The doctor said that was really good news...she is making her lungs stronger by working them out now. All her measurements were excellent...she is actually measuring at 33 wks 1 day...a whole week more than I actually am. She is about 4lbs 9oz at this time. The doctor said that as of now everything (besides the heart defect) is looking good. He did remind us that things will be hard for her after she is born...but for some reason I am not too worried. My babies are unbelievably strong (they must get that from mom, ha ha). I have all my faith in God and Ava at this point. I am so excited to meet her and can not wait to see who she looks like...mommy or daddy. I still haven't determined who Kaden resembles, I have heard both. Lately I am hearing that he has my eyes...but that really doesn't say much!!!! We are continuing to get Kaden use to the idea of having a baby sister and being a big brother. I think he has mixed emotions : ). He is really good with babies, saying that I have really only seen him with my cousins newborn, but he loves to hold him and kiss him. This little book lover even shares his books with the my cousin's baby. Lately he has been picking out books for us to read to Ava and he even shows her the pictures!!! I think that he is going to be great (I hope)!!!!

Now to the, ice and more ice. Lucky for us it started melting today, however we are expecting snow tomorrow, 2-3 inches. We lost power for about 30 hours (Tues morning - Wed evening). My parents had a generator that we used to keep Kaden's vent and other supplies going. I was so stressed before the generator because it didn't work, being that my dad is mister fix it he got it going for us. We have many friends who unfortunately are still out of power and basically all we know is "who knows how long it will take, it could be until the 22nd." I just hope for everyones sake (and sanity) that power is restored to all FAST!!! I hope all is going great for everyone and I want to thank you all for reading and leaving awesome comments. Thanks, it helps make my day!!!


Isabella said...

That is wonderful news!! Baby Ava you are sooo brave and strong already!! Amy you keep ahold of that feeling. I think God puts special messages in our hearts. I know I feel the same way about Bella. There were times when hardely another soul had hope for her but I kept that hope and I always knew that it was going to be okay. I think that your faith is awesome!! Sorry to hear about the electric that really stinks. Glad you had a generator though. Thanks for your positive feedback. It was actually someone I am related to that said some mean things. She didn't put them on the blog, I heard them from another person. She actually beleives I am living in fantacy world because she thinks Isabella will never get better!! So enough of that. I am happy to hear about Ava's good report and I am still praying. I sent you a package the other day from us and the Ackers so be looking for it!!

Pam said...

Awww...look at her cute little baby face!! I can't wait to see her too!

I pray that once she is here, although the doctors say it will be hard, that it is the easiest road it can be.

I can't think of anyone else who needs an easy road more than you guys. You are an amazing family, and in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Do you have the book It's my Heart? If not shoot me an email and I will send you a brand new one. It is the best book out there.


Gabi's Mommy said...

Ava looks wonderful! And her little arms around her face, I love it! Kinsley keeps putting her thumb in her mouth just like her big sissies. Feels like some weight has been lifter huh!?! We worry for our children as it is, and then to know that there is real reason for the worry, a little good news islike winning the lottery. We continue to pray for baby Ava's strength. She is a true fighter! We wish her the easiest path towards a full recovery once she is born. Stay warm! Love and Prayers:)

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture Amy I cannot wait to meet baby Ava! Love always,
whitney, koltan, and treytan