Friday, September 21, 2007

Our Day In Kansas City

Today Nate, Kaden and I made a trip to KC to speak at a conference about premature and medically challenged infants and toddlers. I believe every year they invite a family to speak and this year it happened to be us. Kaden was definately the center of attention (not that it was anything new for him). He enjoyed getting the crowd to laugh, he even showed everyone how to dance, I must add he is a FABULOUS dancer. He is not a big fan of an audience clapping, he even cried when he heard it right before we went on...however after the dance he started clapping leading to the audience clapping and he just ate it up. I wish I brought my video camera. He was such a little ham. On the way home Nate and I went over some of things we discussed at the conference. Then he started making fun of me...why you might ask. It is because of all these hormones raging inside of me. We were asked what we were hoping for, for Kaden's future. Ok, so I started crying while I was talking about's allowed, I am a mom!!! When we got back into town we took a trip to Wal-Mart, Kaden was showing us everything he wanted...and I mean everything. I had to let him know that Santa would be here soon and that he needed to talk to him. He did make it out of there with some new bath toys though.

Kaden has learned a new word to spell on his leap frog magnet toy. "Boo." What perfect timing. The other day he put the three letters into their slot and it replied back to him as "boo." All of a sudden I hear him trying to get my attention and when I look over he began pointing at the word and then covered his eyes as if playing peek-a-boo. I am telling you, this boy will find a way to let you know what he is thinking. Nate and I definately love to brag about what a genious we have. Well, anyway...he is showing everyone that he comes in contact with the new word he has learned. Maybe he will teach the new baby somethings.

I know that I have promised this in the past...but one day I will find a way to post pictures again. I have been so busy lately with everything I am finding it hard to keep up with things. One day.....


Gabi's Mommy said...

So glad to hear you had such a great time "showing off" at the conference:)
I tried to email you, I hope you got it. We have exciting news as well! Although it will never change what has happened we know it will be tough, but what part of this thing called life isn't tough. The love we have for our children make it all worth while though.
Hugs to all,
Micah, Jason, Gracie, Angel Gabi, and ???

Grandpa and Grandma A said...

Hey Kaden,
Grandma & Grandpa A. are sure enjoying your blog.
Mommy's doing a great job with it....and we enjoy the pictures!!!
We love you sooooooooooo much big guy!!!! Also love Mommy and Daddy bunches!!!
Bout time for Daddy and Pa to go hunting again.
Boy your cousin Miles is getting big too!!!
Tell Miles Grandma & Grandpa A. loves him bunches too!!
We'll probably see you around Christmas!!!!
So glad your loving your truck but watch out for Mommy's toes!!
Ok Buddy, we have to go but tell Mommy we're enjoying your blog.
Be good and don't throw books,,, Ha Ha...
We love you guys alot!!!!
Love Grandpa & Grandpa A.