Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Better Day

Last night I continued my search on hypoplastic left heart syndrome and after reading more about it, it seem to put my mind more at ease. I had a more calm feeling about the ordeal and had a change of thought about how things will turn out. I want to try to look at this in a more positive light. I know that it is going to tough, and I am sure that my thoughts will take another turn at some point, but for now I will try to stay in a good state of mind. We haven't even talked to the pediatric cardiologist or genectics physicians, so who knows exactly what to expect. I do want to thank all of you for your encouraging words and prayers. It really means a lot.

As for Kaden, well he is having a pretty good day. I am not feeling so good, so I am not as fun to play with and daddy is working over time today. Kaden is pretty good at keeping himself entertained, but he definately knows how to get my attenion when he gets bored. We have been working hard at getting him to walk. He is doing extremely well. At school he has to walk around quite a I think that helps. He requires less and less support each day. He is even getting to a point where he can stand on his own for a moment. He gets a little scared and reaches out which causes him to lose his balance, but he'll get there. Today was kind of funny for me...Kaden has one of those magnetic writing boards and he enjoys having us write words on it. Well, today we went through colors, animals, and he started doing body parts. He points to a body part that he wants us to spell. He started running out of body parts and thought for a moment and then grabbed his armpit. I started laughing and wrote it for him. Well the next thing he grabbed for had me rolling on the floor. He has never been one of those "adventerous" little boys who grabs himself while getting his diaper changed, so it was a total shock when that is exactly what he did. I tried asking him if he wanted me to write diaper, nope that wasn't it. So me being one of those mom's who give it a kiddy name wrote out "pee pee." I was kind of at a loss of words at the time. He accepted it though!!! Well, daddy just called and we are headed to Wal-Mart when he gets home, so I better get Kaden's things together. I figured out my camera, so I will try to post pictures later.

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Isabella said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. Hypoplastic babies can do very well. I want to tell you about a little girl in our town that has hypoplastic. She is 7. She had her surgeries done in Michigan. She was on our 5 year olds t-ball team this summer and yesterday at the town festival, she sang a couple of songs. She is beautiful and vibrant little girl. I look at her and it gives me hope for Isabella. It is hard to imagine that something is wrong with your baby's heart. Isabella's heart condition is alot different but it is still a CHD. And as you already know with Kaden, God just takes you through one day at a time and somehow you find enough strength for each day. If you ever need anything, you can always e-mail me at I don't know if I would be much help, but I can always pray.
You are in my prayers always