Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Last night was a long night. We took Kaden to the ER and did not get home until 12:30-1:00am. He has been battling brochitis/pneumonia (can not honestly tell you which one it is, I have heard both from the same doctor) for the last two weeks. Well, this week he just seemed to be getting worse...especially yesterday. He is now back on the vent 24 hours a day and has been requiring O2. He is really run down and just not himself. Yesterday I noticed that his belly was distended and he was even more run down then he has been. I then called his doctor in KC and asked her if it was possible that his diaphragm reherniated. She said that it is always a possiblity and wanted us to take him to our hometown ER to get a chest x-ray and some lab work done. The ER doctor believed that it looked as though it did reherniate and so we made plans to come to KC today. The doctors here are not sure if this is the case or if something is going on with his GI track so he is admitted into the hospital. He is not a happy camper and is ready to go home already. Tomorrow they plan on doing a CAT scan to see if they can see things clearer. I really pray that it is not his diaphragm and that we can stay clear from surgery. I will update more tomorrow...I am running on about 3-4 hours of sleep and can not think clearly.


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy, that breaks my heart we are thinking of you and mr Kaden, he was doing so good, i will continue you all in our prayers! xoxo miss ya whitney

Regan said...

We'll be praying for you all.

The Bryant Family said...

thinking of you today and if you need anything...ANYTHING AT ALL, i work 5 minutes from Mercy. my cell is 838-9519 (816). Praying all will show no surgery needed.