Friday, December 5, 2008

Dr. Appointment

Today Kaden had a doctor appt for his regular vent check. He is doing very well and continues to impress the doctor as well as all the others there who know him. I explained to him this morning that he was going to the hospital and he immediately signed "hurt" and pointed to his leg where he got a previous shot. I told him that I didn't thing that he would get a shot today (which ended up being a lie, well kind of...he had blood drawn). The last 4 hospital visits he has been poked, so I don't blame him for being worried.

Kaden showed off all his new talents that the doctor hasn't seen too much of. He showed her how well he walks now, how he can spell, and his cute personality. He got many, many laughs and "awe's" today, just being his goofy self. The doctor and nurse walked us to our next appt, which was with Pre-admissions testing. When they were leaving Kaden signed "thanks for playing" to them (silly boy). During the pre-admissions we found out that they are going to wait to do the bronch because they do not feel comfortable putting him under after being sick and still having a cough. Then Kaden's doctor came back and took him up to the NICU to visit some staff that had taken care of him while there. It was so fun to see Kaden walking around from office to office and seeing the faces on everyone. That has been one thing Nate and I have always wanted, having Kaden walk into the NICU. I can't explain why, it has just been a little dream of ours for him. He got a little shy when a group of nurses came to see him...although I think it is because he had a crush on one of the nurses and her hair (he has a thing for curly hair, what can I say).

A cute story before I log off. Last night Nate and I were talking to Kaden about his baby brother before going to bed. Nate asked him what he was going to do when his baby brother came. Kaden then signed "baby, cry."

Me: Yes babies cry, what can you do when the baby cries?
Kaden signs: play toys, books, share.
Me: That is so nice that you are going to share your things with Brody.
Kaden signs: eat, diaper, sleep.
Nate and I: Oh so you are going to feed him and change his diaper and then put him to sleep.
Kaden: nods his head yes (which he just started, he typically signs yes, but the nod is soooo much cuter).

Nate and I also explained to him that things will be different then last time and that Brody will get to come home. Kaden signed "home" as if looking for reassurance. I am so excited to see the two of them together. Nate asked him if he was going to hold Brody, and Kaden nodded his head yes. However, the last few babies we have been around, Kaden doesn't seem to keep too much interest in them so we will see.

Oh, one more thing. Since Kaden has been sick, he has had the thickest mucus. Well the last three days now he has coughed up stuff so thick that it gets stuck in his trach and then we have to do an emergency trach change. Today, the third day, it happened on the way home from the hospital. I had no idea that my big pregnant butt could hop in the middle row so fast (let me tell you that was not an easy task) and then reach all the way to the back of the vehicle to grab the bag with the spare trach in it and end up changing it all in less then a minute. Nate was on the highway and couldn't pull over fast enough. I was kind of sore after doing this. I think it was from me hitting my belly on the seat a few times, either that or just being out of shape : ). I wonder what the vehicles next to us were thinking?


Isabella said...

I totally understand how you and Nate have always wanted Kaden to walk into the NICU. I feel the same way about Bella. After all they have told us she will not do, I look forward so much to the day that she will walk and show everyone that she did it!! (I truely believe she will walk!!)
Kaden is such a wonderful inspiration to us.
By the way, good job on the emergency trach change.
Thinking of you always.

My Three Sons said...

I think that is wonderful that Kaden can walk through the NICU. He is a walking miracle from God if you ask me!

As far as the car image, well, it is to bad Nate couldn't whip out a camcord for the rest of us. I'm thinking that might have been a funny sight.

Hope you have a great weekend. Let me know when your "new" date is for CMH so we can get together. I think that is probably a great idea to wait a little bit.

Regan said...

How great that you all were able to visit the NICU and show off Kaden. He has come such a long way!

Did the doctor's reschedule his bronch?

Caden said...

I'm gald that Kaden was able to walk into the NICU. We don't go back to Children's very often, but I'm excited for Caden to see the people that saved his life and to show off for them. :)

Nice mental image of the trach change! :) I can't hardly get INTO the car much less hop around in it! :)

Rachel said...

Kaden just amazes me with every post you write! I can't wait to someday meet you both!


Aimee said...

That was a cute story. I sure hope the little guy feels better and I hope you had a great weekend!

Pam said...

Oh geeze!! How scary!! Rhett gets them caught in his throat, and needs scutioning, so I can only imagine what it's like having to do a trach change. Especially when you are pregnant and climbing over seats.

Amazing what super moms can do when they need to eh?

I am just grinning from ear to ear about Kaden walking into the NICU, I bet there was a bunch of happy faces seeing how far he has come.

I can't wait to see picts of Kaden with Brody.