Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Eventful Weekend

Even with mommy sitting with Kaden, he still wasn't too sure about the whole idea.

We had a very eventful weekend. It started with Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Everything went good, and boy did we stuff ourselves. Friday was Thanksgiving dinner with Nate's family. Kaden had a blast playing with everybody. The Boeckman side definately has more kids to play with. Friday night was the Christmas parade here in town. We went with my parents, sister, nephew, and one of Nate's brothers and his two boys. It was fun but very cold so we didn't wait to take pictures with Santa there. Saturday my sister, nephew, mom, Kaden and I decided to go to the mall to see Santa. The day started off very "good." We were running later than we wanted. On the way my sister's car got a flat, so we called my dad and he came to change it. We had to stop by the police dept. because Nate took the SUV to work and it had the stroller in it. We decided to just switch vehicles because of "all" of the room in my sister's car. Well in the process of changing things over I some how managed to lock my keys in the car. I called Nate and he had one of the other cops working with him drive by with the keys to unlock the door for us. That was about the end of the "fun."

We get to the mall and lucky enough for us there was a small line. Kaden noticed Santa and kept pointing at him and staring. So I thought this whole picture thing was going to be a piece of cake. To my surprise, it definately was not. I took Kaden up to Santa and Santa reached for him. Kaden hung on to mommy for dear life...that's how I ended up in the picture. We took several pictures and decided on the one above, it was the only one that did not have him crying in it. It's funny though, when somebody asks him who he saw, he signs "Santa" and then he signs "cry" to let everyone know that he cried. He then waves "bye-bye" to let them know that he did say bye. He wants to read all the Santa books he has now, but when I ask him if we should go see Santa again, he shakes his head "no." Oh well, we might try again and see how things go. My plan is to keep talking Santa up as much as I can. Hopefully it works.

Kaden's has some new "tricks." Kaden is now saying "mama" and "uh-oh." I think I posted the "uh-oh" already, but he actually uses it as he should. It's very exciting for us. I can not remember if I posted earlier that he can now pull himself to a stand and walk holding on to furniture. He is growing so fast, and just in time to show his baby sister that he is a big boy!!!

Well, I plan on posting pictures from the parade. I have to get them from my sister first. I brought my camera, but unfortunately the battery was completely dead. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and an even better Thanksgiving.


Isabella said...

The picture is way too cute. I look at Caden and it gives me hope that Bella will start doing things like sitting up and maybe talking one day. I will e-mail you about the other. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Pam said...

That picture is so cute!! I love it!! We couldn't get a picture of Rhett last year without him looking at Santa and not the camera.

So glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

We got Rhett's leggins from a place on the internet called Baby Legs. Google it, and it will take you to the site.

They are lifesavers!!

Loves to you,

Pam and Rhett

Gabi's Mommy said...

You both look great, Santa is ok...hahaha!!! Kaden seriously looks like he could do a number on Santa, someday he'll figure that out and he won't be scared. Now Miss Amy, I just posted pics of my belly, where are yours???? Glad you had a filling turkey day, I love being with family! Take care, all of you! Hugs to you all!!!

aunt mel said...

hey kaden. love you. aunt mel